January 30, 2008

A tricky mouse problem!

Everyday on the field as technical support professional you will always encounter unusual problem such as this one:

At first the user complain that his laptop is running very slow, and suspected that it has a virus, the user opted that the harddrive be reformatted so I did backup everything and reformat the whole thing, I reload all the necessary software and drivers,on my initial test everything is working fine already.

The next day, the customer complained that he still has problem when working with Excel and Movie Maker application, so I checked the unit again and found out that when you drag an item or picture on any of the mentioned applications it wont release to the area you want it to be.Take note that the hardware and everything is working fine except of such conditions.

To avoid reformatting the HDD all over again, I tried to replace the current installed MsOffice2003 to Msoffice2007 hoping that it will solve the problem, and it did solve the problem. But the problem on the Movie Maker application still the same.
I left no choice but to reformat the HDD and load Windows all over again. After loading the OS I immediately checked the Movie Maker application if the problem still exist and to my surprise the problem still exist, so I was thinking that its a hardware problem.

By the way the user is using an external usb mouse and by first look the mouse is working fine, I was puzzled actually what causes the problem.I try to disconnect the external mouse and use the built-in touch pad of the laptop(without restarting), the problem still the same.I almost give up and ready to tell the customer that there maybe a motherboard problem that causes the whole thing, then suddenly it just pop on my mind the idea of turning on the unit without connecting the external usb mouse and
when I tested the Movie Maker application the problem disappear and I was relieved.

I troubleshoot further, I reconnect the external USB mouse (without restarting the system) the problem re-appear and when I remove it(External Mouse) the problem still exist. So after a tedious hours of troubleshooting and everything, it was confirmed that it was just a lousy problematic external mouse that cause it all.

Choosing a cheap and generic hardware parts sometimes bring us more troubles than the
branded ones.If you can shell a few bucks for the branded one, go for it.

Until Next time!

January 23, 2008

Sounds Matter!

Often times PC owners neglect the importance of a good sound system in order to enjoy one's mp3, movies or games.One important factor in achieving total satisfaction in one's listening habit is a very good sound system,be it a headphone or a 5 in 1 subwoofer speaker system.

If your aspiring to be a professional sound editor/mixer that uses its PC in performing its work I suggest that you invest on a very good headset that can deliver the whole sound spectrum, you can try sennheiser headphones .

Or maybe you are just an mp3 lover that hook a headphone while doing your work in your laptop or PC, there is a lot of known brand that cater to your needs, just be sure to choose the best that suits your needs and make sennheiser headphones one of your choice.

Whether you are using a PC, an audio or a video equipment, having a high end headphones or speaker system is vital in achieving listening pleasure as if you are hearing a live concert or a part of the movie you are watching.So, if you are one of those who think that sounds matter, invest on a good brand.

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January 4, 2008

When loading a device driver!

Its already 2008 and I wish all my reader a Happy New Year!

Its been a couple of months back, that I presented an actual PC problem in my blog. I will try to post more PC problems when I have the time. Here's one of them:

Just recently I encounter a problem that when you attempt to load a driver(software) of an on board sound card Windows will reset when it is about to finalize its installation.At first I thought that Windows is problematic,but later when I try to manually selected other driver which is on the same CD, the installation was successful.Therefore,I conclude that Windows was trying to load a device driver with just similar chipset of the exact sound device, causing it to malfunction during its installation.

So next time when you encounter problem similar to this one , make sure to try this procedure first before thinking of something else, it will surely save time. Happy Weekend!