August 29, 2009

My Favorite Anti-Virus Programs(Software Freebies)

From my previous post,I note the importance of having a good anti-virus on one's system,I now post my favorite anti virus programs based on performance and its a 3 program download.

After installing any of the program make sure to update the virus pattern, then full scan your system. Regular full scanning of one's PC is recommended at least once a month, sometimes malware, trojan, rootkits, slip on one's system unnoticed and will activate when certain conditions exist.


Click link to download!


August 22, 2009

One way to stop viruses/worms propagation in one's PC!

As hardware and software advances in the last couple of years so was the crooks who are creator of hard to detect and delete viruses in one's PC, and as the internet is very much affordable as ever it only give this criminals easy way to propagate their evil wrongdoings.

As technical support for the last decade I witnessed some of the variety of viruses that bring damage to one's PC and believe me containing some of those viruses is getting harder everyday.

One of most easy way this worms/viruses propagates is via a USB Flash drive,when you insert a device via usb connector your system perform an autorun function prompting you to choose an options what to do next.This is were this viruses attempt to infect your system and if your anti-virus software is not good enough to detect such an attempt your system will be infected in an instant, making your PC to perform slow or your PC to hangup.That's why choosing a good anti virus software is also an important key to combat such an attack and I will discuss this topic on my future post.

Disabling autorun on your system and FD(Flash Drive)is one way to help prevent stop virus propagation,disabling autorun on your system can be done manually but if you are an end user it maybe unsafe to open the system configuration and some are afraid to do it for the reason that they might do it the wrong way.

The easy way to disable autorun on one's system is to use a small utility software, there are lots on the net and its available for free, the one I used is from a reputable anti virus company, if you want to download it you can click the link below.

Note:Make sure to disable autorun feature both your PC and your USB Flash Drive to lessen the risk on infection.

Good Day and Happy Weekend!

Disable Autorun Utility
USB Vaccine

August 16, 2009

Internet giants should make the move!

Good day, today I want to discuss adult qualification requirements when registering a website, especially social networking website such as Yahoo, Friendster and others alike.

The reason I brought this topic because I was monitoring my kid(a 6th grader) browsing activity lately and I notice the he is hook too much in this social networking websites.Well some may say so what, almost everybody is doing it? I don't argue on it,that's the IN thing nowadays, but what I do disagree with is the way this websites conduct adult qualification check on their applicants.

If you notice when you register on this websites(ex: Yahoo, Friendster, Facebook,etc.)you can easily falsify your personal information especially the age category, the implication to this is that there will be a lot of kids which is below 18 years old that can easily get around the age requirements and become members to this websites.The moment minors will become members to this websites they will be exposed to things that are not appropriate on there age bracket.

Of course the parents can do their share in monitoring their child internet browsing activity but parents can't monitor their kids all the time. This is were this websites play a very important role in tightening the age requirements of an applicant, they are the last line of defense against younger kid pretending to be adult.

But, the question is are these websites willing to implement a registration filtering system that will somehow works against their growth? that's a big question that only them can answer.But to me this websites has social responsibility to help make the internet a safer place for the kids and all of us.

They(Owner) already make millions($) from their websites,it is now time for them to do the right thing in making the net(world) a safer place to browse for all of us, especially the younger generation.

August 8, 2009

Software Freebies Part 4

Everyday on the net we stumble on a lot of many PC utilities that promise to speed up one's system but came short once you install it,but today I will share a very useful software that will really help speed up things on your PC.

Its a 4 program package and you have to install it separately, the program designed is very user friendly and its best for users who are not really familiar in manual tweaking.

It defrags, clean registry, look for missing drivers,clean unwanted files and many more.

Here's the link guys, Enjoy!

SpeedUpMy PC

August 5, 2009

Another PC Mind Boggling Problem!

Every day at work I used to experience unusual problem, just yesterday I encountered such a problem. The unit is a P4 CPU, the only problem of the unit is it cannot connect the net, it always indicate a limited connectivity. I tried all the basics to fix the problem, but still does'nt work.

The network device was tested good in other unit,And I suspect that it maybe a software problem so I decided to install a different harddrive with a fresh installed OS, to check if it can connect to the net with no problem and it did. With that I decided to replace the OS to restore its internet connectivity. I install back its original harddrive and started the system, but I decided to check its internet connection again before fresh installing the whole drive and to my surprise the connection was restored.

It may leave so many questions in me, but I was happy though that network connection was restored with less effort.

August 4, 2009

Tribute to a great leader!

Today I will go off topic, to give last respect of woman who play a significant rule in restoring democracy in our country and become an inspiration to every nation who loves democracy.

Farewell President Cory Aquino!

To learn more about President Cory Aquino! click link below

Cory Aquino

August 2, 2009

Different Virus Description & Characteristic Part 3



These utilities are designed specifically to inflict damage.However, unlike other malware programs, they do not perform malicious actions immediately as they are run and can be safely stored and run on the user's computer.Such programs have functions used to create viruses, worms and Trojan programs, arrange network attacks on remote servers, hacking computers or other malicious actions.

There are many types of malware utilities with different functions.

Their types are described in the table below.
Click to download table in PDF form


Potentially unwanted programs, unlike malware programs, are not intended solely to inflict damage.However they can be used to breach the computer's security.

Potentially unwanted programs include adware, pornware and other potentially unwanted programs.


Adware programs involve display of advertising information to the user.They display ad banners in other program's interface and redirect search queries to advertising websites.
Some adware programs collect and redirect to their developer marketing information about the user, for example, which sites he or she visits or which search requests he or she performs (unlike Trojan spies, these programs transfer this information with the user's permission).


Usually, users install such programs themselves in order to search for or download pornographic information.

Intruders also can install these programs on the user's computer in order to display ads of commercial pornographic sites and services to the user without his or her permission.

To be installed, they use vulnerabilities of the operating system or web browser, Trojan downloaders and Trojan droppers. There are three types of pornographic nature distinguished based on their functions.

These types are described in the table below.
Click to download table in PDF form


Most of these programs are useful programs used by many users. They include IRC clients, dialers, file downloading programs, computer system activity monitors, utilities for working with passwords, FTP, HTTP or Telnet service internet servers.

However, if an intruder obtains access to these programs or install them to the user's computer, such intruder can use some of their functionality to breach the security. Other riskware programs are classified depending on their functions.

Their types are described in the table below.
Click to download table in PDF form

Until on my next post!

August 1, 2009

Different Virus Description & Characteristic Part 2



Unlike worms and viruses, trojan programs do not create copies of themselves. They sneak into a computer, for example, via e-mail or using a web browser when the user visits an "infected" website. Trojan programs are launched by the user and start performing their malicious actions as they run.

The behavior of different trojan programs in the infected computer may differ. The major functions of Trojans are blocking, modification and erasing of data, disruption of the operation of computers or computer networks. Besides, Trojan programs can receive and send files, run them, display messages, access web pages, download and install programs and restart the infected computer.

Types of trojan programs and their behavior are described in the table below.

Click to download table in PDF form