August 16, 2009

Internet giants should make the move!

Good day, today I want to discuss adult qualification requirements when registering a website, especially social networking website such as Yahoo, Friendster and others alike.

The reason I brought this topic because I was monitoring my kid(a 6th grader) browsing activity lately and I notice the he is hook too much in this social networking websites.Well some may say so what, almost everybody is doing it? I don't argue on it,that's the IN thing nowadays, but what I do disagree with is the way this websites conduct adult qualification check on their applicants.

If you notice when you register on this websites(ex: Yahoo, Friendster, Facebook,etc.)you can easily falsify your personal information especially the age category, the implication to this is that there will be a lot of kids which is below 18 years old that can easily get around the age requirements and become members to this websites.The moment minors will become members to this websites they will be exposed to things that are not appropriate on there age bracket.

Of course the parents can do their share in monitoring their child internet browsing activity but parents can't monitor their kids all the time. This is were this websites play a very important role in tightening the age requirements of an applicant, they are the last line of defense against younger kid pretending to be adult.

But, the question is are these websites willing to implement a registration filtering system that will somehow works against their growth? that's a big question that only them can answer.But to me this websites has social responsibility to help make the internet a safer place for the kids and all of us.

They(Owner) already make millions($) from their websites,it is now time for them to do the right thing in making the net(world) a safer place to browse for all of us, especially the younger generation.

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