August 22, 2009

One way to stop viruses/worms propagation in one's PC!

As hardware and software advances in the last couple of years so was the crooks who are creator of hard to detect and delete viruses in one's PC, and as the internet is very much affordable as ever it only give this criminals easy way to propagate their evil wrongdoings.

As technical support for the last decade I witnessed some of the variety of viruses that bring damage to one's PC and believe me containing some of those viruses is getting harder everyday.

One of most easy way this worms/viruses propagates is via a USB Flash drive,when you insert a device via usb connector your system perform an autorun function prompting you to choose an options what to do next.This is were this viruses attempt to infect your system and if your anti-virus software is not good enough to detect such an attempt your system will be infected in an instant, making your PC to perform slow or your PC to hangup.That's why choosing a good anti virus software is also an important key to combat such an attack and I will discuss this topic on my future post.

Disabling autorun on your system and FD(Flash Drive)is one way to help prevent stop virus propagation,disabling autorun on your system can be done manually but if you are an end user it maybe unsafe to open the system configuration and some are afraid to do it for the reason that they might do it the wrong way.

The easy way to disable autorun on one's system is to use a small utility software, there are lots on the net and its available for free, the one I used is from a reputable anti virus company, if you want to download it you can click the link below.

Note:Make sure to disable autorun feature both your PC and your USB Flash Drive to lessen the risk on infection.

Good Day and Happy Weekend!

Disable Autorun Utility
USB Vaccine

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