September 4, 2007

The importance of Preventive Maintenance & Backups

Preventive maintenance is the key to obtaining years of trouble-free service from your computer system.A properly administered preventive maintenance program pays for itself by reducing problem behaviour, data loss, component failure, and by ensuring a long life for your system. In several cases, I have "repaired" an ailing system with nothing more than a preventive maintenance session.Preventive maintenance also increases your system's resale value because it will look and run better.

Creating backup files of data in one's PC is sometimes taken for granted. And the sad reality in the computer repair and servicing world is that hardware can always be repaired or replaced, but data cannot.Most hard disk troubleshooting and service procedures, for example, requires reformatting.This procedure overwrites or deletes all your important data.So next time, make sure to have your data backed up regularly.

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