September 19, 2007

Problem: Windows cannot be installed directly within its system!

Unit Description: A Pentium II Laptop(Twin Head), 128MB Memory

Problem Encountered:You can't directly load an operating system within its system

Troubleshooting/Repair Done: I reformatted the Hard drive and started to install Windows98, when intallation reached just in the verification process it all stackep up.I tried to use Windows ME and Windows XP still no success. What I did is connect the hard disk to the standard desktop IDE (using a converter) and load windows 98 from there, then connect back to the Laptop.After detecting all the necessary devices, Windows now runs normally and I just added the necessary driver for its sound, video and modem.
Possible Causes: As I observe before the laptop hangs-up I notice that it seems it is trying to find a device that is not present, causing Windows installer to wait forever. Or maybe the unit can be easily installed if I use the bundled recovery software during installation( which is not available anymore). Whatever the reason it maybe, I am glad that I was able to find a way in having the unit back in working condition.

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