September 8, 2007

Utilizing XP and Vista to protect your data from cyber intruders!

We are amazed by what the internet brings to our daily lives, but in some cases the internet was also used by some people to be the channel of their wickedness.One of these is intruding other people's PC via the internet to steal important documents or data, they are the so called hackers.And If you think that you got confidential data to protect in your PC, I suggest that you utilize the EFS(Encryption File Sytem)bundled in your Windows XP and Vista software.Basically(in case you don't know), EFS(data encryption) is like jumbling the content of ones files for internet hackers not to read a certain files or data legibly within you PC.There are also lots of powerful third party data encryption softwares in the market, but you got to purchase it.Remember,this feature is only available on Windows XP(Professional or Media Center Editions) and Vista(Ultimate or Business Edition).To encrypt a files or folders in XP, just right-click the folder or file you want to encrypt go to properties ; click advance button; check "encrypt to secure data" and click ok.The particular files or folders is now encrypted. In Windows Vista they called it Bitlocker, and Microsoft claims that files are more secure compare to EFS of Windows XP.

Take note though that data encryption is only one way to protect your data from these intruders;spywares can also steal important impormation from your PC such as your credit card account or your password....etc.Or maybe the hacker is just your officemate and that he will take over your PC while you are in a break.So consider all this things if you want to secure your data from this crooks.

Lastly, I suggest that make it a habit to backup your encrypted data regularly, because the moment your operating system bogged down so goes with your encrypted data as well and it is very difficult to recover encrypted data, unless you are willing to pay the price of recovering it.
Happy weekend!

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