February 1, 2008

Major Benefits of the INTERNET!

Have you ever thought, what would it be if the Internet does not exist? In this post I will discuss the major benefits the Internet brings to mankind,to remind us of how lucky we are to enjoy such a wonderful technology.

Here's some of them:

1. EMAIL - In the early days you have to wait days or even weeks before you can read someone's letter. Now it will only take minutes to reach its destination.

2. Telephone/FAX Services - Before individuals/companies spent huge amount in their long distance communications using the standard telephone line. Now, everyone with Internet can use VOIP phone or online phone service to call anywhere in the world for a fraction of cost.Also companies can utilize the Internet to cater its FAX services,today's FAX technology offers wide variety of services from simple Fax Over IP and VOIP Fax to more complex FAX Server and FAX Blast technology.

3. Video Conferencing - Before your have to converge on one place to meet and discuss something. Now, you can discuss everything face to face even if you are from different lacations.

4. On Research - Instead of digging lots of books in the library to find something.Now, individuals will just type the topic you are researching in any search engine and voila! related articles will be available in minutes.

5. Finance and Banking - Instead of calling or going to the bank to check your account balance or transfer funds, now you can just log in online and do the work in front of your PC.

6. Conduct Business - With the introduction of the Internet, businessmen can now market there products worldwide on the net. It also brings opportunity to
individuals to earn on there spare time.

These are just some of the benefits that Internet brings to our life and there are still tens or perhaps hundreds of them, that makes our life easier and we have to thank the US government that started it all.

Now, What would it be if the INTERNET does not exist?

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