March 26, 2008

What is RAID(Just the Basic)

Often times we encounter the term RAID, but some dont really know or have little knowledge about RAID, so I try discuss some of the basics about RAID.

This post will give an overview about the RAID system and introduce the basic background and glossary which you need to know before using RAID.

1. RAID-means Redundant Array of Independent Disk Drives, it use several hard drives to increase data transfer rates and data security. It depends on the number of drives present and RAID function you select to fulfill the security or performance purposes or both.

2. RAID 0- Also known as "Stripping". All of the data are distributed evenly to all of the existing drives. You gain benefits on performance because the data transfer rate is multiplied by the number of drives.However, RAID 0 has high risks of data security. All of the stored data will be lost if even any one drive in the RAID set crashes.

3. RAID 1- Also known as "Mirroring".Two hard drives are required. The goal of RAID 0is to ensure data security. Data is written to two or more drives synchronously. That is, 100% duplication of data from one drive to another.

4. JBOD(Just a bunch of drives)-Also known as "Spanning".Two or more hard drives are required.Several hard disk types configured as a single hard disk.The hard drives are simply hooked up in series.This expands the capacity of your drive and results in a useable total capacity.However, JBOD will not increase any performance or data security.

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