July 16, 2008

A LAN Cable Problem and others!

Case I

The problem show that it can browse the net normally, but it can't browse its fellow workgroup.At first its hard to suspect that its LAN connection problem but when I swap a different LAN connection everything works fine.In this case it maybe the LAN cable is problematic but it could also be the connectors,so I suggest try replacing the RJ-45 connectors first before replacing the whole cable.

Case II

Next is a system that cannot browse the network and internet but it says that your connected,basing on the situation you can say that its a software problem.But some user are less supportive if you suggest to reformat the hard drive especially if they have already loaded tons of applications in the unit, unless its the only way to restore its LAN connectivity.In this case you can use the restore utility of Windows, restoring the system to a later date that LAN is still functional might solve the problem.

Case III

I just installed a fresh OS of a P4 CPU and LAN card driver is properly installed, but says it has limited connectivity and the exclamation yellow thing appears on the LAN icon when inserted to the network.At first you may suspect its either a cable, LAN card and a software problem.In my case LAN cable was ok, Onboard LAN was also ok, what I did is remove the LAN device in the device manager and re-detect the whole thing and system now connects to the LAN properly. This solution may also applies to wireless adapter.

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