July 28, 2009

System takes time when opening the save path drop down list!

The unit is actually a Pentium Dual Core Processor with 1 GB DDR2 Memory, the system actually runs normally except when you try to save or save_as a file(particularly in Word and Excel), the saving path takes some time to appear(around 2 min) and that the user becomes impatient especially if he is in a hurry in his work.

I troubleshoot the problem, I tried everything from replacement of application program to virus check up, I even suggested that we will reformat it, but the user insist that reformatting should be the last option since they have a very important application that is difficult to restore.

I spent a little more time in troubleshooting the problem and I found out that the cause of it all is a non existing network drive,what happen is that application tries to locate the missing network drive causing it to stack for a while when you click the Save path drop down button as seen it the picture.I remove the non existing network drive in the system and everything backs to normal.

Next time you encounter same or similar problem make sure to check if there is a dead network drive mapped in your system, it may solve the problem.

God Bless!

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