August 13, 2010

Branded or Compatible desktop?

Buying a new desktop? but still undecided what brand to buy?, This may help you make the choice.

Here are some points to ponder upon:

1.Public perception is that branded desktop PC is durable than assembled PC,true at some point, but not all branded PC are made the same, in fact I also experienced hardware problems in some of this popular brand in the market.

2.Parts that are installed in branded PC's are just almost the same with those found in any assembled PC units.

3.Hardware installed on any branded PC are just mixture of pc parts from different companies, such as Seagate, Kingston, LG or Samsung, liteon...ECS, Foxconn,etc.The only difference is its CPU casing which they design it to look so attractive.


I will rather opt to pick my own pc parts with good quality at any hardware store and assembled it myself, in this way I am assured of a good performing CPU at a cheaper price. In case you have little knowledge in identifying the good stuff ask a friend or pay somebody to do the job for you, I am sure the cost will still be a lot cheaper than you buy a branded one.


Lexmark toner said...

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Techboy said...

Thanks for the compliment