June 6, 2011

Maximize Your Harddrive Warranty!

Hard drive in one's PC is one of the most important component of your PC, be it mobile or desktop. The reason I wrote this topic is to inform you(in case you don't know) that hard drives manufacturers(SEAGATE, Maxtor, Western) actually give more than 1 year in all their products.So, instead of buying a new hard drive I suggest that you verify first your drive's warranty with its manufacturers, most of them can be done online. I myself prefer Seagate's products because they offer 5 years warranty  and  free shipping in all returned defective item. Its  hassle less transaction on your part.

Click on the link to verify warranty and return your Seagate's product!
Verify and Return Seagate's Harddrive

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thanks for sharing this information... it was very helpful... thanks..

Glenn Drew….
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