August 29, 2007

CD-ROM Stacked up!(Money Saver)

One day you noticed that your DVD/CD-ROM drive is hard to or do not eject at all even if you already spent lot of times pushing its eject button. You checked at "My Computer" the CD is detected by the system. Before thinking of replacing your DVD/CD-ROM device, I suggest trying this simple trick I have found.

  1. Turn off your CPU, eject your CD tray by inserting a paperclip/small pin on the manual eject hole infront of your CD panel(locate the pinhole at the front panel of your CD)to push out the CD tray.
  2. Once the tray is ejected insert it with a known good disk and push the tray back to return to its base.
  3. Now turn on the power and browse "My computer" to check if the disk you inserted is being read by your CD/DVD.
  4. If it functions normally, try to push the eject button if it will eject normally.
  5. The trick is that you always have to put a disk on your CD/DVD ROM, if by chance you can eject your CD tray while your CPU is ON, you can bypass steps 1 to 4.

The reason behind the problem is that the spindle motor of your CD/DVD ROM developed a strong magnet causing it to stacked when attached to its upper holder,disallowing the cd tray motor to push the tray out.When the CD disk is inserted, the gap between the two parts widen, making it easier for the CD tray motor to push the tray out.

Note: If none of the above mention works, its possible that your CD/DVD ROM is already defective.

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