September 6, 2007

Common BIOS combo keys to enter setup!

Different combo keys to enter BIOS setup of a particular PC or Laptop!
  1. Acer - Ctl Alt Esc
  2. Dell- F1 or Del or Ctrl Alt Enter
  3. Zenith-Ctrl Alt Ins
  4. Toshiba- Press Esc at switch on
  5. Sony- F3 at switch on,then F2 or F1
  6. Sharp-F2
  7. Packard Bell- F1 or F2
  8. NEC - F2
  9. IBM Aptiva-F1
  10. Hewlett Packard/Gateway 2000-F1
  11. Compaq-F10
  12. DTK BIOS - Esc
  13. AMI BIOS - Del, F1 or F2
  14. Phoenix BIOS - F1 or F2,Ctl alt S or Ctl Alt Esc ,Ctl S or Ctl Alt Ins
  15. Award BIOS - Del, Ctl Alt Esc

Note: Keys presented above may not work of a particular model or brand

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