September 4, 2007

What's a hybrid hard drive(HDD)?

A hybrid hard drive is a new generation hard drive which will eventually in the future replace the old conventional design. Hybrid hard drive functions thru the use of a large non-volatile flash memory(Up to 1 gb) integrated in the circuitry of the harddrive, when you runs an application or a files, the harddrive temporarily store everything on the non-volatile flash memory and will be save later when you shut down your PC or harddrive needs to move data to the platter.In this way the harddrive will performs past and save power considering that the spindle motor and actuator of your drive is not performing while processing data, it will also allows past startup of your system.Exception to the rule is when your harddrive is processing a file that is bigger than its memory.

Note:Non-volatile flash memory-is a kind of memory that is capable of keeping data even if there is no more power on your harddrive, it performs similar of your mobile phone or digital cam memory.It was release first for commercial use on laptop computers.Just recently Japanese firm released its DRAM version instead of a flash memory.

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