September 4, 2007

Tips in taking care your PC (Part 1)

Here's a few tips to make your PC trouble free:

  1. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that can conduct electricity and cause corrosion of computer parts.The smoke residue can infiltrate the entire system, causing corrosion and contamination of the electriclal contacts and sensitive componensts such as floppy drive read/write heads and optical drive lens assemblies.You should avoid smoking near computer equipment and encourage your friends or company to develop and enforce a similar policy.(Dont sound good for smokers!LOL)
  2. Be careful with ESD(Electrostatic Discharge), which can damage components when cleaning electronic components.Take extra precautions in the dead of winter in an extremely dry, high-static environment.An antistatic grounding wrist strap is recommended or if you dont have a wrest strap touch a metallic frame or your PC chassis before touching any components of you PC. It is easier to ensure proper grounding while the motherboard is still installed in the chassis, so it is a good idea not to remove it.(Unless you feel necessary)
  3. If you do not leave a system on continously;at least give it 15 minutes or more warm up after a cold start(means you just turn it on that day) before writing to the hard disk.Power up the system and go get a cup of coffee, read the paper, or do some other task.This practice does wonders for the reliability of the data on your disk, especially cheaper units.

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