July 22, 2009

LAN connection is ok, but cannot browse the net

Just recently I encounter a system that cannot browse the internet. It was a tricky problem because LAN connection status is ok and it responds properly when you ping the router.

The system is not infected with a virus; I even try to install another Mozilla web browser but the problem still the same. The next thing comes on my mind is that Windows has problem and that hard drive has to be reformatted to restore its internet browsing capability.

But reformatting one’s hard drive is a tedious task when you have important data and applications installed on it. So I tried to find another way to solve the problem by installing another LAN card on the system, hoping that it’s just a problematic one, and true to my suspicion the system can now access the net.

But the story did not end there, because the original LAN card device that I thought is problematic is not really problematic, I tried to remove/uninstall the LAN device on the device manager, redetect it and reload a new driver, system now browsing the internet properly. Maybe, it is just a problematic device driver that causing it all. Whatever the cause it maybe, I am happy because I was able to save the hard drive from reformatting.

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