July 21, 2009

A problematic PCI slot

I was installing an old but working internal MODEM card on a new Pentium 4 LGA775 CPU unit, the brand of the motherboard is an ECS with 2 PCI slot. When I installed the MODEM card on the first slot Windows did not detect it, I turned off the unit and unplugged the MODEM card and re-socket it again on the same slot, and still Windows was not able to detect the new device.

I started to suspect that the MODEM card is defective considering that it was not new. And to prove my suspicion I install the MODEM card on the other PCI slot and to my surprise the device was now detected by Windows and it functions normally. My suspicion was wrong for it was cause by a problematic PCI slot.

Unusual problems in one’s PC occurs sometime, just be patient in troubleshooting a particular case, once in a while a particular PC problem came from a less expected device or software.

Until on my next post!

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